New member joins the regular broadcast team

Elfie with Aaron Aedy

With the return of Shock Of The New as a regular feature on The Wyrd Ways Rock Show, it only seemed fitting that someone with exactly the right mixture of enthusiasm for new music and deep knowledge of her local scene should be brought in to take the feature to new heights.

So it is with great pleasure that The Wyrd Ways Rock Show welcomes aboard our new Shock Of The New presenter, Suzi “Elfie” Horsely.

According to Carl, the founder, producer and presenter of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show:

This is something that’s been brewing for a while.  I’ve known Elfie for ages and she’s always been a good mate.  Someone I can trust.  That’s why I brought her onboard as a contributor to the website and as an interviewer.  This was the logical next step.  When it comes to new bands, Elfie’s got a real ear for talent and really knows her stuff.  This is going to be good!“.

Suzi’s debut as presenter of Shock Of The New will be in Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCLXXIX, which will be heard first on Planet Mosh at 8pm (BST) on Wednesday 14th May.  Soon after the show will be available for download at

If you are in a band, are a band manager, promoter or an independent label manager, get in touch with Suzi on to get your band on the new Shock Of The New.


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