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As everyone reading this knows, The Wyrd Ways Rock Show is all about introducing you, the listener, to new music you won’t have heard before.  With that being the case, you’ll start to notice a few changes around here.  From now on, new album reviews will have a link to, pointing to where you can buy either a CD or MP3 copy of that album.  At the end of each review, there will also be linked referrals to albums you’ll probably be interested in if you like the reviewed one.

One favour I would ask, as the spokesperson (and founder) of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show, if you are going to buy any of these albums, please use the links provided.  This will mean that by the very act of buying that CD or MP3, you will be helping to keep the show going and helping you find more new music for no extra cost to you.

So it’s a real-life win-win situation!  Not only are you supporting the bands by buying their stuff, you’re also supporting The Wyrd Ways Rock Show in our quest to find you new material to listen to AND you’re getting it at Amazon prices (cheaper than iTunes, remember, and CDs don’t crash), delivered straight to your door AND direct to your computer, if you buy AutoRip.

I will be slowly adding Buy links to the other albums on the Reviews page over time.  Please be patient, since I’m the only one with the codes for that!

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