Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCLXXXIII


It’s Download Festival weekend, so at the behest of Suzi, this week’s Spotlight band is… erm… The Download Festival, which means you’ll be hearing from Rob Zombie, Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park and Aerosmith.  Since this is The Wyrd Ways Rock Show, you’ll also be getting new stuff from Arch Enemy, Fozzy and Sonic Syndicate.  There’s also news of ructions in the Exodus camp and Suzi brings you three more bands who should be on your radar in Elfie’s Shock Of The New.

As always, if you subscribe or buy this week’s show, you get more.  This week’s show features an interview with up-and-comers Ten Cent Toy, recorded by Sarah at last year’s Bloodstock Festival and as a special bonus, an airing of a very interesting track from War Eternal, the aforementioned new Arch Enemy album.  You’ll also be getting the show at a much higher quality level than the broadcast, as usual.

The broadcast version of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show appears on Planet Mosh and as part of The Cast Iron Ring and Nambucca Valley Radio, The Red Eye Network and Radio Metal On – The Heavy.  See their listings for details.

If you want me to mention your gigs or play your music on the show, get in touch.

Wolf – My Demon
Killer Be Killed – Wings Of Feather And Wax
Fozzy – Lights Go Out
Spotlight 1: Rob Zombie – Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown
Red Eleven – Tomorrow’s Path
Hessler – Never Lost My Way
Khaotika – Muerte
Sons Of Merrick – I Can’t Walk
Spotlight 2: Avenged Sevenfold – This Means War
Sonic Syndicate – Before You Finally Break
Allegaeon – Threshold Of Perception
Hell’s Guardian – Cradle’s Lake
Covered: Arch Enemy – Walk In The Shadows (Queensrÿche)
Motorfire – Ghost Rider
Feed The Rhino – Deny And Offend
Arcite – Removed
Tankard – R.I.B
Spotlight 3: Linkin Park – One Step Closer
Darkest Era – The Serpent And The Shadow
Tanzwut – Unsere Nacht
Arch Enemy – War Eternal
Elfie’s SOTN 1: Mutogenocide – Remeron Nightmares
Elfie’s SOTN 2: Scare Tactics – We Live
Elfie’s SOTN 3: Cytota – Sinnocence
Spotlight 4: Aerosmith – Eat The Rich
Exodus – Good Riddance
Hatriot – Your Worst Enemy
Last Track: Exodus – Toxic Waltz
Bonus Material:

  • [Ten Cent Toy] – Inhumane
  • [Ten Cent Toy] Interview
  • [Ten Cent Toy] – Necromantic
  • Gojira – Esoteric Surgery
  • Van Halen – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
  • Korn – Hey Daddy
  • Queen – Flash!
  • Last Track: Arch Enemy – Shadow On The Wall

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