Reverted – Sputtering Worms!

Reverted, a four-piece UK metal band have just released their debut album, Sputter the Worms.  They have been compared to the likes of Metallica, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden and are about to support American Head Charge and Kill Devil Hill in London.

Cat had an email chat with Ozzy Preciado, the man behind the kit.

Cat: Say I had never heard of you and were wondering whether to buy the CD, why should I listen to Reverted?

Ozzy: If you are thinking whether to buy our album it means somehow we’ve already grabbed you, so first of all we need to establish that our sound is compatible with your music taste, right?  Were this to be the case, I would assume you’ve probably heard one or two songs maybe a few times on the internet or you’ve just seen Reverted live for the first time or maybe a friend was playing our music and it caught your attention, in either of these scenarios you are only getting a small portion of what this band is really all about.

Sputter The Worms is a fearless-seduction-attempt from start to end.

Apart from that, I think we all know that buying an album automatically makes it more special because you give it the love and appreciation it deserves for what it represents, needn’t I mention you get the real thing!!  I mean would you rather download porn or perform it?  If that makes any sense… anyhow, you get the awesome artwork and if you’re lucky we might even sign it for you! 

Cat:  Where do your main influences come from?

Ozzy: Probably America, although in style of life definitely England which had a massive impact in the crafting of our music. 

Cat: The title of your album is Sputter the Worms, which conjures up some rather shudder inducing mental images. Where did the title come from?

Ozzy: Simple, It’s our first song in the album and we all felt it summed up about right the over all feel and attitude of this album. Like Tony Vega, our front man likes to say “it will expose those dark thoughts that breed in the deepest well of every man”.  Hence the title Sputter The Worms.

Cat: You’re about to battle it out in  the Metal 2 The Masses Semi-Final, how is it being so close to playing at Bloodstock?

Ozzy: It is as exciting as it is humbling for all these bands are incredibly good and at this stage I’d say about any of them have what it takes to offer a level of performance you can expect to see in a festival like Bloodstock.

Having said that, winning would not suck!!  By all means,  I mean this could be our first big festival and I have no doubt we would fucking smash it!! 

Cat: You’re also supporting American Head Charge.  How psyched are you for that show?

Ozzy: Are you kidding me?? American Head Charge is a band we not only like but respect and admire. We cannot wait to be the best support they’ve ever had then go straight in the mosh-pit for their set!

Cat: If you had to pick one British festival to go to this year, which would it be?

Ozzy: The one that brings so many good memories for all of us, I had one of the best shows of my career with my ex-band Breed 77 in Download 2010 and I was lucky enough to have my brothers from Reverted supporting me on the audience side, little did I know we`d eventually end up creating this together and hopefully one day playing our favourite festival in the whole fucking world, it has to be Download!

Cat: What’s next for Reverted? Anything interesting on the agenda?

Ozzy: OK take note: We have a exclusive release of our first videoclip Die My Saint through a new Music program on SKY TV with some people from Total Rock, BBC and BloodStock Radio, date and channel soon to be announced.  Also lined up is the release of a cover song from a band that has been one big influence for this band, of course with our own original twist.  Other than that there are some Tour news also about to be revealed!

Cat: You’re stuck on a desert island (which magically has means to play DVDs and CDs) and you can have one album, one book and one film. Which do you choose?

Ozzy: This is quite personal so I’ll answer for myself……

I haven’t got a clue!!!  I’d rather someone pick these for me because I honestly wouldn’t know what to choose.  I think I’d have to give this quite some thought.  I don’t think I would go for any of my all time favourites because after abusing them over and over again it won’t be long until I start getting bored and hatting them or just ignoring them.  This situation really sucks I have to say, stuck in the desert I’d rather pick some water and a GPS to get me back home!

Cat: If you could listen to any five songs right now, what would they be?

Ozzy: Literally the next 5 songs taken from my iTunes Shuffle, believe it or not:

Catch Reverted live on 17th June, at the Underworld, Camden supporting American Head Charge

Their album, Sputter the Worms can be bought from their website or from Amazon.

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