Lost Society – Terror Hungry


Nuclear Blast

Review by Rick Ossian

To begin with, I just want everyone to know that the mere fact that I am doing another thrash metal review is NOT lost on me!  I am well aware that I probably do not do nearly as many thrash as I would, say, straight classic rock, heavy metal or even progressive metal reviews.  So, what’s the story, then, you might say?  Slow day at the office? Meager selection?  Not even close.  In fact, being a listener of and writer for WWRS is the main reason.  Since I’ve become a reporter of metal news, for lack of a better word, I appreciate the tunes much more, it seems.  So, enough of my prattling, on with the show!

Lost Society are four blokes from Jyvaskyla, Finland, and were formed in 2010.  They are, collectively, Sammy Elbana (guitar and vocalist extraordinaire), Arttu Lesonen (also on guitar), Mirko Lehtinen (bass) and Ossi Paananen (drums).   Now let me tell you something about these four: Firstly, they can really jam!  There are some excellent passages here, a giant bag of riffs to pull from throughout.  Secondly, our friendly vocalist Sammy is a screamer AND a singer, and is more than passable at both.  Thirdly, and finally, they curse a LOT.  This is something that I have found particularly entices and excites me.  I do not know why.

The boys start things off with an intro proper, simply titled Spurgatory.  It features a demonic laugh at the outset, heavy duty riffage, as if to call us to attention.  Game Over has double-time bass and drums for its onset, and the main riff and screaming as mentioned aboe come into play, but not for the last time.  Wow, what a riff!  I keep seeing a heavy metal restaurant called Bag O’ Riffs (Open All Nite) when I imagine where these cats might play for a venue…again, not sure why.  Just try to keep up please!


Attaxic features much cursing and some MORE serious riffing, especially the heavier-than-thou main riff.   Lethal Pleasure is a no-holds-barred, in your face kind of number, with more cool and screaming and holy crap dig that main riff! Again!

The title track is a real piece of work, careening along at what could only be described as triple-time!  Of course, there is more cursing, perhaps because expletives are just really cool — maybe just because they can if they want to.  The screams and the musicianship are par excellence once again.

Snowroad Blowout finds the Bag O’ Riffs opening in the morning with their breakfast special.  They’ve just sliced out another big portion of riff pie, if you will.  This number will make you want to stand up, tap your toes and fingers, bang your heads, play your air guitar/drums, or even perhaps pick up actual instruments.  It is one of those tunes that is sort of a call to arms for metal heads (ANTHEM!), and it will inspire you if you are anything like yours truly.  Sammy screams “We’re all gonna die!” and you almost believe him.  Some seriously heavy-duty, free-wheeling thrash on board here.


Tyrant Takeover is a bit more sedate, but still ass-kicking, skull-impinging, mind-infringing metal.  And again the Bag O’ Riffs is open all night tonight, serving a fish-and-chips special for all my friends across the pond.  Double and/or triple-time frenetic beats and shredding seem to be the nom du fare here.  At one point Sammy belts out “KISS MY ASS!!” and you almost kind of want to.  Well, not ME, but I know folks who would…  This is heavy duty and very fast, and features a guitar solo about 2 minutes in, then again at 2:40 and 3:45.  This might be the best number on the recording thus far.  Total shredding at the close, but not surprising at this point.  Like I said, these boys can REALLY jam!

Overdosed Brain includes a drum -heavy intro and a wicked-as-hell cool main riff again.  There is some excellent lead work accompanying the proceedings here as well.  I am fast becoming a fan of these fellows.  Thrashed Reality (indeed it is!) has me wondering just HOW these guys just keep getting better and better as they go along.  It is heavy duty stuff, and just try to keep up on your air drums, I DARE YOU! I did and I did NOT succeed!

F.F.E. (Fucked For Eternity) is another heads-down and bar-the-door number.  More cursing is involved as well.  I’m sounding a bit broken record again, but the main riff kicks ass!  Simply and completely, I might add.  Brewtal Awakening is another killing heavy riff-racked tune, with a really cool wicked lead at the outset, then total shred again as we burrow our way in.  At 1:20 they shift gears into a headlong thrash again.  “OH SHIT!”, yells Sammy, then at about the four-minute mark, it goes back to a classic rock riff breakdown.  One more guitar solo is thrown in at the 4:10 mark for good measure.

Mosh It Up is just as the title would suggest to you, an open opportunity to get your mosh one, as it were.  The opening riff and scream will get you excited again, as it did me.  There is a heavy main riff (surprise!) and Sammy bellows “SHIT OUT OF LUCK” at one point, amongst other expletives.  It is evident that Sammy likes to swear!  At 2:45 there is a lovely guitar solo, switching to total shred again at the close.

Wasted After Midnight is another killer, totally heavy and totally fast.  After all, why let up now?  It also includes a pretty cool main riff.  And why not?  All of the other tracks do too!  Top marks!


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