1) Posessions Lost?

Do the tents count? I nearly lost my Headcharge hat again, but I went back for it!

2) Injuries?

Just a couple of bruises it seems, and I found some muscles I forgot I had, stupid hills!

3) Best Food/Vendor?

The Motley Brew. I love those guys so much, I am a tea addict.

4) Most Perfect Moment

Seeing Suzi’s face when she finally got to see Iron Maiden!

5) Worst Moment

It’s a toss up between when the press area ran out of Monster, and the horrendously disappointing sausage sarnie on Sunday morning. If I’m fed and caffeinated I’m happy…

6) Best unexpected band find?

Bleed From Within

7) Set you wish you’d missed?


8) Set you wished you hadn’t missed?

Black Dogs

8) Credits-

My wonderful NotEvil Twinnie Suzi H, Mr Carl – the Wyrd Ways almighty overlord, the Noise Cartel for being brilliant all weekend, the bands I spoke to and their PRs and not to mention the Motley Brew for the amazing cups of tea!


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    1. Thank you! It was a crazy weekend, just about recovered now lol. Glad you enjoyed the posts, keep an eye out for more festival adventures 🙂

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