BRUTAI to play Bloodstock New Blood Stage


Heading to Bloodstock? Reasons London’s BRUTAI are ‘One To Watch’:

*Brutai were playlisted for 5 weeks on Kerrang Radio.
*The band had two weeks of consecutive plays on the XFM Rock Show with Ian Camfield.
*Metal Hammer loved them so much, their track ‘Flood’ was placed as the first track on the cover mount CD for February, in addition to another track being featured a few months before.
*They’ve recently supported Centiment, Monuments and Uneven Structure and have been announced for Euroblast Volume X, and Bloodstock Festival.
*They have a music video out now for ‘Flood’.

So what are the press saying?

“Well produced, progressive thinking and hard-hitting heavy metal”

“It’s groovy, it’s proggy, it’s modern and yet it doesn’t ‘djent’. No sir, the début release of fresh new faces Brutai skirts around that particular trend, instead offering something a lot more intriguing and impossible to label.”

This should come with a warning sticker that says ‘highly addictive music’
– A Metal State of Mind

“A Metallic punch to the face of the very best kind”
-Manchester Rocks

“Heavy songs that are progressive, modern-sounding and groovy”

“Brutai is destined to great things you can only suspect given the quality and strength of their EP. It also shows there is much more to come from the band which is just as exciting as the sound they unveil and thrill with on the release.”
Ringmaster Review 8.5/10

Check them out:


Bloodstock Festival: 7th to 10th of August

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