L-R – Nick Richer (Drums and Backup Vocals ) – Nicolas Miquelon (Bass, Guitar and Vocals) – Photo Credit: Nick Richer

   Gatineau, QC death, doom and sludge duo NORILSK consisting of Nicolas Miquelon (Damnus, The Great Russian Empire, ex-Kintra) and Nick Richer (Damnus, Doll, Outrage AD) are offering fans a FREE download of ‘Potsdam Glo’ the second track released from their upcoming debut EP ‘Japetus’ due out on July 22nd.

To get your FREE download please visit the following link:

Named after Siberia’s most northern city, NORILSK draws their inspirations and themes from Northern identity, isolation, and world demise. Incorporating elements of sludge and post-metal along with influences from doom-death metal bands such as Thergothon, Saturnus, and early My Dying Bride, the band is sharing with metal fans a taste of what’s to come in their debut EP ‘Japetus’.

Presented in a very limited CD edition and digital format, the ‘Japetus’ EP is both an introduction to the band and a teaser to future recordings. Clocking just under 20-minutes, the EP includes the title track ‘Japetus’, which will be on the band’s later planned full length album and also features one alternate version of ‘Potsdam Glo’ along with a cover of Voivod‘s song ‘Negatron’, which is exclusively available on the CD.

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