EXPAIN album 'Just The Tip' and New Video

Daniel Brand – Vocals | Nikko Whitworth – Bass Ryan Idris – Drums | (laying across couch) Pat Peeve – Guitar | Eric Morrison – Guitar – Photo Credit: Samantha Mayne

     Jazz thrash architects EXPAIN announce they will be performing local show dates in the Vancouver, BC area on August 1st in Richmond, BC at the International Summer Night Market w/ Lethal Halo plus a date on September 13th at Rickshaw Theatre w/ West of Hell, Revenger and Hellchamber in support of their debut album ‘Just The Tiprecently released on June 24th and available on Bandcamp.
“Expain is super excited to be playing both these shows. Be prepared to thrash while eating weird fried foods at the Richmond Summer Night Market and on Sept 13th prepare for the night of your life!  Possibly the best lineup ever with metal brothers West of Hell, Revenger and Hellchamber!” comments guitarist Pat Peeve. 
Upcoming Show Dates:

August 1 – International Summer Night Market – Richmond, BC w/ Lethal Halo

Sept 13 – Rickshaw Theatre – Vancouver, BC w/ West of Hell, Revenger, Hellchamber

Birthed out of the womb of Craigslist, where members found one another, EXPAIN delivers music that’s energetic, diverse and thoughtful in every sense of the word.  Playing to its sense of humour, ‘Just The Tip’ also represents the beginning of a musical journey that’s not bound to stop or slow down any time soon.  With itslyrical content showcasing everything from overcoming adversity to partying hard, living in an ever-changing city and the state of today’s society as a whole, EXPAIN has captured its true identity on record. Ranging in influences from progressive tech to thrash groovy jazz. Check out their guitar bass playthrough video‘Aggressions Progression’, you’ll see what ‘Just The Tip’ has to offer with a flick of a volume knob!

Full Album Stream EXPAIN – ‘Just The Tip’ at the following links:
Bandcamp + Album Order: http://expainband.bandcamp.com
EXPAIN video cover of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’:


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