World-Renowned Wakefield Venue Threatened with Closure

Snooty Fox

In these days of financial austerity, it is becoming more and more difficult for live music venues to survive.  Less and less people can afford to go out as often as they used to, creating a vicious circle.  Less money over the bar means the venues can’t afford to book decent bands, so there’s less of an incentive to go to the venue for a gig.  That means less money over the bar… and so on until the venue isn’t making enough money to stay open, so it is forced to close.

This effect is especially worrying for live music venues and the bands they put on.  If less people are going to watch bands, the bands, venues and the live scene as a whole come under threat.

The Snooty Fox in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England is an internationally known venue.  Over the years, it has played host to the likes of Blaze Bayley, Eden’s Curse, Arthemis, Demonic Resurrection, De Profundis and Bolt Thrower.

Despite it’s pivotal place in the underground scene in both West Yorkshire, the UK as a whole, and as a venue in general, surviving is getting harder and harder.  The venue is in debt, but landlord Malc Shipman has big plans for The Snooty Fox.  Not only does he want the venue to survive, he wants to improve the already impressive sound system and expand the streaming service they already provide through Livestream onto YouTube.

This is where you, the reader comes in.  Malc has set up a page at this page:

The goal is to raise £15,000 to keep the pub and venue open and to provide the upgrades to the building’s facilities what will allow The Snooty Fox to remain at the forefront of live music.

As Malc himself says, “We need to keep music and especially rock music ALIVE.  This place should not close”.

And so say we all.

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