Elfie's Shock Of The New CCLXXXIX

The first band up is London‘s In Search Of Sun with The World Is Yours.

Formerly known as Driven, this quintet have come a long way from their groove laden metalcore roots, and the progression from EP to album marks a big step up in songwriting, production and maturity.  The album itself is built upon a foundation that’s been in the making over the last 3 years, with the name change being the final piece of the puzzle in terms of crafting and sealing the band’s identity.

Since the band’s inception, the boys have been creating a vicious racket on the live front having already shared stages with the likes of Knuckledust, Mortad, Painted Smiles, US metallers IKILLYA, Skreamer, Second Rate Angels, Stormbringer, Sacred Mother Tongue, Cypher 16, Cambion, The More I See (who handpicked them to open up at an Earache Records/Metropolis Music showcase in London) and ended last year as support to Absolva and Bloodstock favourites Evil Scarecrow.


Next up are Scandelion, a Symphonic Metal band from The Canary Islands, with a track entitled Dusk In Your Dreams.

Scandelion is the name of the ruins of a Greek fortress at Jerusalem’s coast. The band was came together in 2002 in the Canary Islands, put together by Jorge Afonso (keys & vocals).  They are now is based in London. Over the last twelve years, Scandelion has played with international bands like Theatres Des Vampires as well as various prestigious venues in their native Spain.


Lastly this week, we’ve got Bristolian Thrashers, Seprevation with Divine Devastation.

Seprevation are an English death/thrash band formed in late 2011.  Throughout 2012 the band supported Gorguts, Wormrot, Onslaught, Cannabis Corpse and many more, that same year the band won the Bloodstock Metal 2 the Masses competition, giving them a chance to play Bloodstock within a year of being together.  Not long after Bloodstock they released their debut EP, ‘Ritual Abuse’, and in 2013 signed with Chaotic Tapestry Management and toured with Exhumed throughout the UK and Ireland.


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