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Wyrd Ways Rock Show 291

We’re sort of back to normal on this week’s Wyrd Ways Rock Show (if you can call ANYTHING on The Wyrd Ways Rock Show “normal”).  That obviously means a metric tonne of new stuff, including tracks from 1349, Sonata Arctica, Orange Goblin and Exodus.

This week’s Record Of The Week is introduced by David, there’s a Covered… Dr Jim’s here with another Hammer Of Retribution (yes, two shows in a row!) and Elfie’s got another Shock Of The New for us.  Are you seriously asking for more?  The easy way to get more is to subscribe, by heading for http://www.wyrdwaysrs.com/page12.htm and choosing the option that best suits you.

As always, if you subscribe or buy this week’s show, you get more.  You’ll be getting the show at a much higher quality level than the broadcast, as usual.  Very shortly, you’ll also be gaining access to an exclusive Members Area, which includes a massive archive of previous shows as well as various other bits and pieces.

The broadcast version of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show appears on The Wall every Monday at 11pm BST and Planet Mosh every Wednesday at 8pm BST.

If you want me to mention your gigs or play your music on the show, get in touch.

Exodus – Salt The Wound
The Blackout – Wolves
Sonata Arctica – Kingdom For A Heart
While Heaven Wept – Icarus And I
Spotlight 1: Mob Rules – Black Rain
Antropomorphia – Carved To Pieces
1349 – Slaves
Northern Oak – Nerthus
Spotlight 2: Mob Rules – In The Land Of Wind And Rain
Hammer Of Retribution 1: Divine Solace – Beyond The Stars
Hammer Of Retribution 2: Lacrota – Arachnid Egg Sac
Hammer Of Retribution 3: Caladan Brood – To Walk The Ashes Of Dead Empires
Covered: Butcher Babies – Coming To Take Me Away (Napolean XIV)
Heaven’s Basement – Fire, Fire
The Pretty Reckless – Going To Hell
Helldorados – The Devil Takes The Hindmost
Spotlight 3: Mob Rules – Celebration Day
Record Of The Week 1: Evil Scarecrow – Crabulon
Record Of The Week 2: Evil Scarecrow – Galacticus
Record Of The Week 3: Evil Scarecrow – Enter The Knightmare
Led Zeppelin Documentary, Part 7 (final part)
Elfie’s Shock Of The New 1: Edge of Haze – Crushed
Elfie’s Shock Of The New 2: Where Giants Once Stood – Living In Security
Elfie’s Shock Of The New 3: Contek – Outsiders Take Sides
Spotlight 4: Mob Rules – Run With The Wolf
Orange Goblin – Into The Arms Of Morpheus
Evergrey – Hymns For The Broken
Halcyon Way – Hatred Is My Cause
Last Track: Powerwolf – Amen & Attack

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