Kaine ditch Record Label


British Metal band Kaine have dropped their American record label Static Tension less than a month after signing with them. It turned out that the label was reluctant to print physical releases for the band as it didn’t believe it had the ability to sell them, describing it as a “risk”. The band believed that remaining with Static Tension after they had decided not to produce a product to sell as “pointless”.

Rage Sadler, the band’s vocalist and rhythm guitarist said:

“Unfortunately Static Tension were unable to commit to creating physical materials they believed they could not sell. If a label doesn’t have the confidence in its own ability to market and sell a band just weeks after signing them, then there is really no point in continuing.

The decision to break was made when we were being asked to commit to buying vinyls from them. The deal was to give Static Tension free license to release our material in the United States on CD and vinyl, with them taking the lion’s share of the income, despite not paying anything towards the production of the album.

Their only costs would have been the production and advertising, but again I am glad we have been able to get out of the deal early. This is just the kind of thing bands have to endure in a music industry on its knees.”

The band had previously turned down a number of offers from European labels earlier this year.  Most of these “deals” involved them giving the record away for essentially nothing while accepting a number of free CDs to sell in return for exclusive rights to the album, which would have left the band with a significant loss.

Kaine will not be looking for another label in the near future and will continue along the DIY route unless an offer of significance comes the bands way.

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