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Review by Dave Smiles

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Massive are one of those bands that seem to come out of nowhere and release a killer debut. They formed in Melbourne in Australia in 2012 and the speed at which this has all come together is equalled only by the lifestyles of the band members and the playing on the album. They’re doing it the old school way. They’re not going on a reality TV game show, they’re going to travel long distances for a single gig, they’re going to play to an audience of twenty like it was twenty thousand, they’re going to ride rampant over every town, city and state to bring people the old school rock n roll that’s been missing for far too long.

The world is starving for a new rock band that can shake things up. Being from Melbourne myself, I have to say it’s awesome that it’s a bunch of guys from my home town that are taking the initiate and aiming high. If you’re a fan of old school hard rock and enjoy life then you’re going to love this album. Massive are set for greatness and have already earned a nomination for best new band in Classic Rock Magazine.

Full Throttle’s opener Burn The Sun kicks off in true hard rock fashion with a killer guitar riff and the album doesn’t let up for the space of eleven tracks. Hollywood brings with it a need to crank the volume up and just forget about everything. A damn catchy song if I ever heard one.

The single, One By One has that infectious riff that classic rock was built on. It’s old-school, but no one has done it this well in a long time.

Anthem chorus tracks like Big Trend Setter and Now or Never are perfect for the live setting and for listening to while you’re driving. This is music to get your blood pumping. The former is a great example of the various parts within their songs flowing seamlessly together; the rock n rolling shipwreck holds itself together against the currant.

When the opening riff to Lacey kicks in you know it’s party time and this is followed by the, at first, unusual opening feel of DanceFloor, which kicks off like a rock version of a dance song, an aptly named track. Basically it’s about taking back the live music scene.

Ghost – For me this is a highlight of the album. A laid back track that builds up to a grand finale, and gives Brad Marr a chance to shine vocally.

The album closer, Full Throttle, as the title states is all out balls to the wall hard rock with killer riffs, driving rhythm, shredding solo and awesome vocals.

It’s easy to describe new bands by saying they sound like so and so, but while Massive are taking the basic rock n roll approach, they are without a doubt unique in their sound. There’s skilled performances on this album without being too structured and overly thought out. Its rock n roll at it most primal. A great album that just gets better with subsequent listens.

For fans of AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith.

Rating: *****

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