CARCASS Lyric Video: Not for the faint hearted!

Taken from the Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel EP, this video viscerally drips with blood and bile. If you have a phobia of surgery or surgical instruments, leave well alone. Any problems with blood? Nope, stay away.

Other than that, this is a cracking tune with a catchy chorus and killer guitar hook. The EP itself is a collection of tracks from the 2013 Surgical Steel sessions and one previously unreleased track.
“Well, let’s call this tying up loose ends”, commented frontman Jeff Walker“We thought we’d make all the tracks available from the Surgical Steel album session available on an EP… just in case you bought the Jewel Case version, DIDN’T buy the Digipack, didn’t buy the Japanese Import, or maybe you never bought the DECIBEL Magazine issue with the flexi-disc? Well here you go; ALL the songs on one disc along with an previously unreleased track. Even Trevor Strnad’s arm makes a guest appearance! Enjoy.”

Grab a copy of the EP HERE.

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