High Fighter


After the release of their critically acclaimed album in early 2013 and their surprising split right after in early 2013, former A Million Miles front woman Mona Miluski and guitarist Christian Shi Pappas, have teamed up with the members of Stoner Rock group Buffalo Hump – who had already been joined by ex-Pyogenesis drummer Thomas Wildelau – to form a brand new band known as HIGH FIGHTER!

Coming together in the summer of 2014, High Fighter delivers heavy stoner metal riffs, sludgy blues rock, hardcore elements and the relentless, intense and almost violent vocals by Mona. The band just recorded their first EPThe Goat Ritual live over one weekend in their rehearsal room.

“No studio, no high class polished production, just pure, simple and heavy!  We decided to record it live, to show our true sound, and thought “why not recording it in our own rehearsal room, we just want a demo”, said Mona, vocalist of High Fighter, in a first recent interview about the band on The Sludgelord.

High Fighter‘s brand new EP The Goat Ritual is now available.  You can listen to a track from it, 2Steps Blueskill, right here:

Based in Hamburg, Germany, High Fighter have announced their first show in their home town on December 19th 2014.  The band is currently writing a full-length album and will be unveiling more gigs and news soon!

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