Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCXCIV

Wyrd Ways Rock Show 294

So much good stuff came out over the past couple of weeks, that the new edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show has TWO Records of the Week. What are they? You’ll have to listen and find out. Alongside those, you’ll also be hearing from Cavalera Conspiracy, Black Veil Brides, Machine Head and American Head Charge.

The show also features Covered and another Shock Of The New. No Suzi this week, unfortunately, though. You say you need more? The best way to get more is to subscribe, by clicking here  and choosing the option that best suits you.

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If you want me to mention your gigs or play your music on the show, get in touch.

King Diamond – Black Devil
Metal Machine – Morning Star
Black Veil Brides – Heart Of Fire
Spotlight 1: Neonfly – Better Angels
Crazy Lixx – Ain’t No Rest In Rock ‘N’ Roll
Rated X – Devil In Disguise
Bulletrain – Out Of Control
Spotlight 2: Neonfly – Fierce Battalions
Nachtblut – Schwarz
Cavalera Conspiracy – Cramunhao
Covered: Ninth Circle – Stormbringer
Darkest Hour – The Misery We Make
Devil You Know – Seven Years Alone
Machine Head – Now We Die
Spotlight 3: Neonfly – Chasing The Night
Witch Charmer – A Watching Of Wolves
Liv Kristine – Stronghold Of Angels (feat. Doro Pesch)
Witch Mountain – Psycho Animundi
Record Of The Week 1: Amaranthe – Drop Dead Cynical
Record Of The Week 2: Amaranthe – Massive Addictive
Record Of The Week 3: Amaranthe – Digital World
Record Of The Week 4: Exodus – Blood In Blood Out
Record Of The Week 5: Exodus – BTK
Record Of The Week 6: Exodus – Salt The Wound
(hed)PE – Lost In Babylon
American Head Charge – Sugars Of Someday
Soil – Way Gone
Elfie’s Shock Of The New 1: Among The Betrayed – Cold And Jaded
Elfie’s Shock Of The New 2: Wolfbourne – Sex Sells
Elfie’s Shock Of The New 3: Ambush – Don’t Shoot (Let ‘Em Burn)
Megaherz – Schwarzer Engel
Panzer – Panzer
White Widdow – Caught In The Crossfire
Spotlight 4: Neonfly – Heart Of The Sun
Slipknot – The One That Kills The Least
Korn – Spike In My Veins
Last Track: Visigoth – Final Spell

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