Elfie’s Shock Of The New CCXCIV

For those of you who like a little visual stimulation with your new music discoveries, here’s the videos that accompany the songs on this week’s Shock Of The New.

Among The Betrayed – Cold And Jaded

All being from the same small town in Richmond BC and with the same interests it was inevitable to find each other. Monty and Maximus met through mutual friends in high school and quickly bonded on their love for such bands as the Deftones and Nirvana.

“The first time I met Nikki I just got a job teaching guitar. I was right out of high school and I was substituting for his teacher at the time. We ended up talking music and I showed him the project I was in. Nikki was still in high school  and mentioned he also sang. The next time i saw Nikki was at a mutual friends house party. Our friend Cam just put together a new band and it just so happened that it was Nikki singing. After watching a couple songs we knew we needed to steal him! Hah. Soon after we found Steve-o on a Craigslist add, pretty sure he was the first guy we tried out! If it works it works you know? ” – Maximus


Wolfborne – Sex Sells

As I write this, these guys are touring the UK with American Head Charge, Soil and (hed)pe


Ambush – Don’t Shoot (Let ‘Em Burn)

Five guys were sitting in a basement and shared a couple of beers, listening to old school Heavy Metal. In the middle of all joviality, they somehow felt nostalgic and a bit frustrated that various new productions could not measure up to the old pure masterpieces. They decided to do something about it and as a result, Ambush was born

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