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Wyrd Ways Rock Show 295

With Armistice Day being back on the 11th of November, it was only right and proper to mark it and commemorate the lives lost, on both sides, in the conflict that started a century ago and in wars before or since. This week’s Wyrd Ways Rock Show features songs for those heroes who gave their lives for the rest of us.

The show also features Covered and you’ll be glad to know Suzi’s back for this week’s Shock Of The New (*whew*!). You say you need more? The best way to get more is to subscribe, by clicking here and choosing the option that best suits you.

If you subscribe starting with this week’s show, you’ll be getting the show at a much higher quality level than the broadcast, as usual. You’ll also be gaining access to an exclusive Members Area, which includes a massive archive of previous shows as well as various other bits and pieces.

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Here’s what you’ll be hearing:

Sabaton – Primo Victoria
Machine Head – Night Of The Long Knives
Devil You Know – It’s Over
Spotlight 1: Metallica – For Whom The Bell Tolls
Arch Enemy – As The Pages Burn
Kreator – Warcurse
Sodom – Sacred Warpath
Spotlight 2: Slayer – Mandatory Suicide
Graveyard Shifters – A Good Day To Die Hard And Loud
Kolony – Sledge That Shit
Rival Sons – Secret
Covered: Breed 77 – Poison (Alice Cooper)
Týr – Blood Of Heroes
Korpiklaani – Lonkkaluut
Sabaton – Night Witches
Spotlight 3: Iron Maiden – Paschendale
Lonewolf – Hordes Of The Night
Gus G – Vengeance (featuring Dave Ellefson)
Arthemis – Burning Star
Record Of The Week 1: Lordi – Scare Force One
Record Of The Week 2: Lordi – Hell Sent In The Clowns
Record Of The Week 3: Lordi – Sir, Mr Presideath, Sir!
Chainfist – 1000 Ways To Bleed
Nightblade – Poison Women
Bullet – Hammer Down
Elfie’s Shock Of The New 1: Vanity Draws Blood – Fractured
Elfie’s Shock Of The New 2: Create To Inspire – Shatter/ Rebuild
Elfie’s Shock Of The New 3: We Die Tonight – Brother
36 Crazyfists – Also Am I
Diablo Blvd – Son Of Cain
Monster Magnet – The Mindless Ones ‘68
Spotlight 4: Black SabbathWar Pigs
Avenger – Faster Than Hell
Battleaxe – Over The Top
Striker – Start Again
Last Track: Imperial Vengeance – At The Going Down Of The Sun

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