Evil Scarecrow – Galactic Hunt

Self Released

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Review by Cat A

There are people who state, quite easily, that Evil Scarecrow are a comedy band. OK, so to look at their website and promo photos it could be easy to come to that conclusion. Comprised of Dr Rabid Hell on vocals and rhythm guitar, Brother Dimitri Pain on lead guitar, Kraven Morrdeth on bass, Princess Luxury handling keyboards and Ringmaster Monty Blitzfist on drums, this is line-up version 5.0 and as soon as you listen to the musical background to the humour it is apparent that this is not just a group of people arsing about on a stage for shits and giggles with instruments in their hands.

Galactic Hunt may have lyrics that had me creased up crying with laughter on the bus to work the morning it was released, but if you were to take away that aspect you would still be left with a technically excellent instrumental that wouldn’t sound out of place on a fair few Death Metal albums and get rave reviews to boot.

If you’re not interested in  the track-by track breakdown, then all I am going to say is I dare you to listen to Galactic Hunt without your head automatically starting to bang, and laughing out loud. If you manage that then I swear you are not human.

Excelsior Mali Formidi sets an eerie tone of orchestral creepiness before Rise kicks in with thundering kicks and some technically excellent death/doom undertones. If anyone out there still thinks that Evil Scarecrow are a joke band, then they should stick this song on and listen to the composition as it crescendos through a powerful solo to a thunderous climax.

Space Dementia tells a tale of a man left drifting in space with a dead body going steadily more crazy as time goes by, which flows into the carefully harmonised, clean introduction of Galacticus before the electric and distortion tears a new one. Add in some clever synths, a catchy riff and a chorus of ‘Galacticus, devourer of worlds’ and you have a song that is far too catchy than you would ever imagine from the individual parts. Up to this point the humourous parts have been left on the back burner, and the music stands up for itself.

That is until Crabulon starts.

I can’t even begin to explain in coherent words as Dr Hell tells the tale of an army of genetically engineered Crabuloids that are going to destroy the human race, and the process of robo-insemination. It will get stuck in your head, it’s best not to fight it. Frankingstein’s Mirror is a somewhat odd but strangely compelling take on the famous crazed scientist making a monster.

Possibly my favourite track on Galactic Hunt is The Book of Doom; not only is it full of those riffs that keep the head nodding, but the lyrics have me in stitches every time I hear it. I’m not going to quote any here, but the third verse I’m sure will resonate with quite a few listeners!

Dance of the Cyclops takes a different route again, and there’s some guest accordion thrown in there for good measure, while End Level Boss will amuse those whose youth was misspent on scrolling 2D platform games complete with 8-bit game music. Flight of the Dragons I would almost call Symphonic Death Metal, it’s brutal yet the chorus has a beautifully haunting quality that makes me listen over and over. When Moses Goes Wrong is a take on the biblical plagues with a slight hint of Middle Eastern influences in the riffs and Enter the Knightmare is a proper nostalgia-fest for me – yes THAT Knightmare! – and features the real voice of Tregard on the track (and on a few others to that point).

So, should you go and buy Galactic Hunt? Do you like technically excellent, well composed music with influences from many various sub genres of extreme metal overlaid with lyrics that are thought provoking and humorous in equal measure? Then yes, you really should.

Then you should go and see them live, and join the army of Crabuloids as they scuttle to devour Earth.

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