Steel Panther – Feel The Steel

RomanceI know I have been super quiet since I joined Wyrd Ways Rock Show webzine.  Life has been beyond chaotic for me lately and I was in great need of something to cheer me up.  Perhaps I needed a good rock show in my life and a night out with friends. Luckily I scored tickets to see Rock Legends, Judas Priest (OMG They were AMAZING)  and opening for them was one of my long time favourites; Steel Panther.

I am lucky that both cities I have lived in are huge on Steel Panther, and keep them doing appearances on a regular basis. Las Vegas used to host them twice a week (House of Blues and Green Valley Ranch) and even allowed locals to attend for free.  I spent many weekends hanging out with friends, all dressed up in 80’s band attire, front row at their shows. Before I was in Vegas I knew them from my days in Seattle. They come here often as opening acts for touring bands (such as JP) and also they are big with the local rock radio station KISW, regularly appearing in their station event shows.  I have been lucky to be surrounded by so much Steel Panther.  Endless memories of nights dressed in “80’s rock wardrobe” with friends, letting go and having a great time laughing and singing along to both original hits and covers of the major Metal hits of the 80s.

English: Russ Parrish performing with Steel Pa...
Russ “Satchel” Parrish performing with Steel Panther in Las Vegas on February 20, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Steel Panther are a band in a class all their own. They are a cover band somewhat, but also have many hilarious Metal singles of their own… and they are actually good.  The band is consists of four members who truly embrace their alter egos and become the one and only Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxi Foxx and my favourite Stix Zadinia. Steel Panther embraces the stereotypical 80’s hairband “band dude” image and attitude and have built a show that is comedy, great music, and of course topless women that truly embraces all that was great about Metal in that era.  It is impossible not to have a great time and fall in love, especially when they play originals such as Community Property or Death to all but Metal.


It hurts my heart to think that so may people have no idea who or what I am talking about, and honestly my little blog won’t do them justice. Do yourself a favour and check out the information below.  Discover Steel Panther for yourself, and yes… It’s even better when you put on leggings and a silly wig and see them live. I have included tour information below!


Dec 10, 2014   Charlotte, N.C.   The Fillmore
Dec 12, 2014   Cincinnati, OH    Bogart’s
Dec 13,2014    Cleveland, OH   Hard Rock
Dec 14, 2014   Royal Oak, MI    Royal Oak Music Theatre
Dec 16, 2014   Chicago, IL        House of Blues
Dec 17, 2014    Nashville, TN    Marathon Music Works
Dec 19, 2014   St. Paul, MN      Myth
Dec 20, 2014   Des Moines,      IA7 Flags Event Center
Dec 21, 2014   Madison, WI      Orpheum Theatre

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