The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Needs YOU



One of the main reasons I started The Wyrd Ways Rock Show was in an effort to get more new and up-and-coming bands exposed to the masses.  That’s why the Shock Of The New feature was born and why I brought Suzi on board to run it last year.  It’s also why Wyrd Ways PR started last year.

Now for the next stage.

Over the next few months, The Wyrd Ways Rock Show and Wyrd Ways PR are intending to build a compilation album featuring the best new and up-and-coming talent the world of Hard Rock and Metal have to offer.  This compilation will be available for free download from The Wyrd Ways Rock Show website as well as being sent to all the media outlets, promoters, managers and DJs worldwide who are on the Wyrd Ways PR and Wyrd Ways Rock Show mailing lists.

In addition, the bands who contribute will also be awarded a spot in the Shock Of The New feature on The Wyrd Ways Rock Show, which appears on both Planet Mosh and The Wall Rock Radio.  It may also be possible to arrange a gig at The Old Turk in Dewsbury.

If you want to be considered for a spot on the album, please send an email to THIS ADDRESS with attached mp3 files at 320kbps or wavs at 1410kbps as well as a band biography, relevant web addresses and official photos if you have them.

Submissions are open right now, so don’t hang about.

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