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Wyrd Ways Rock Show 299

This is it.  This is, quite literally, the big one.  I do mean it when I type “big”.  There’s a reason this show is called The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Yuletide Behemoth.  It is still Yuletide (just!), and this show is huge.  Some people might moan that there’s no good new music.  If they keep it up, just play this show at them.  That’ll show them how wrong they are!

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The broadcast version of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show appears on The Wall every Monday at 11pm GMT and Planet Mosh every Thursday at 6pm GMT.

If you want me to mention your gigs or play your music on the show, get in touch.

Linkin Park – Guilty All The Same
Skindred – Kill The Power
Body Count – Talk Shit, Get Shot
Lacuna Coil – I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name)
Xandria – Temple Of Hate
Epica – Chemical Insomnia
Ginger Wildheart – Chill, Motherfucker Chill
Lordi – Monster Is My Name
The Pretty Reckless – Going To Hell
NeonFly – Chasing The Night
Brother Firetribe – Edge Of Forever
Dynazty – Unholy Deterrent
Amaranthe – Drop Dead Cynical
Emigrate – Rock City (featuring Lemmy)
Sonata Arctica – Larger Than Life
Helstar – Fall Of Dominion
Iced Earth – Cthulhu
HammerFall – We Won’t Back Down
Sabaton – Night Witches
Bloodbound – Stormborn
Edguy – Defenders Of The Crown
Sanctuary – The World Is Wired
Alestorm – Mead From Hell
Eluveitie – The Call Of The Mountains
Northern Oak – Marston Moor
Metsatoll – Metslase Veri
Killer Be Killed – I E D
Devil You Know – Embracing The Torture
Hellyeah – Demons In The Dirt
Mastodon – Chimes At Midnight
Scar Symmetry – The Spiral Timeshift
Ektomorf – Souls Of Fire
Butcher Babies – They’re Coming To Take Me Away
Sonic Syndicate – Black Hole Halo
In This Moment – Black Widow
Lord Of The Lost – Kill It With Fire
Overkill – King Of The Rat Bastards
Savage Messiah – The Fateful Dark
Holy Moses – Triggered
Machine Head – Night Of The Long Knives
Exodus – BTK
Arch Enemy – You Will Know My Name
Bloodbath – Beyond Cremation
Evil Scarecrow – Knightmare
1349 – Godslayer
Tryptikon – Boleskin House
Avatarium – Moonhorse
Witch Charmer – Suffer
Mount Salem – Hysteria
Brimstone Coven – The Folly Of Faust
Witch Mountain – Psycho Animundi
Electric Wizard – Incense For The Damned
The Treatment – Get The Party On
Spiders – Shake Electric
Massive – Burn The Sun
Audrey Horne – Tales From The Crypt
Rival Sons – Good Luck
Uriah Heep – Rock The Foundation
Ace Frehley – Space Invader
Axel Rudi Pell – Into The Storm
Magnum – Burning River
Vandenberg’s Moonkings – Line Of Fire
Skid Row – We Are The Damned
Lock Up Laura – How The Mighty Fall
Crucified Barbara – To Kill A Man
Wovenwar – Prophets
Black Label Society – Heart Of Darkness
Grand Magus – Steel Versus Steel
Absolva – Live For The Fight
A Sound Of Thunder – Master Of Pain
Prong – The Barriers
Adrenaline Mob – Feel The Adrenaline
Avenger – Into The Nexus
Lonewolf – Blood Of The Heretic
Monument – Carry On
Battleaxe – Shock And Awe
Accept – Bloodbath Mastermind
Kobra And The Lotus – Warhorse
Wolf – Shark Attack
Sister Sin – Ruled By None
Judas Priest – Dragonaut

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