ENFORCER | Band reveals new track 'Undying Evil' online‏


Swedish Heavy Metallers ENFORCER have not long finished the recording of their forthcoming album, titled From Beyond, which includes ten killer new tracks. The album was produced, mixed and mastered by the band and will be out on March 2nd via Nuclear Blast.

To whet your appetite until then, ENFORCER has just revealed new track ‘Undying Evil’ online. Listen to the band’s new gloomy offering here:

From Beyond’s track listing reads as follows:

  1. Destroyer
  2. Undying Evil
  3. From Beyond
  4. One With Fire
  5. Below The Slumber
  6. Hungry They Will Come
  7. The Banshee
  8. Farewell
  9. Hell Will Follow
  10. Mask Of Red Death


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