Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCI Part 2

Wyrd Ways Rock Show 301b

Here’s Part 2 of this week’s show, which features the Record Of The Week, amongst other things. such as…

Spotlight 1: UFO – The Killing Kind
Mother’s Finest – Shut Up
Furyon – Wasted On You
Cold Snap – Doomsday
Defy All Reason – Bad Blood
The Cyon Project – Mr Creosote
Record Of The Week 1: Battle Beast – Lionheart
Record Of The Week 2: Battle Beast – Unholy Saviour
Record Of The Week 3: Battle Beast – Madness
Record Of The Week 4: Battle Beast – Speed And Danger
Wednesday 13 – Planet Eater Interstellar 187
Bitch Queens – Again, Again And Again

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