Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCI Part 3

Wyrd Ways Rock Show 301c

Finally, here’s Part 3 of this week’s Wyrd Ways Rock Show, featuring more brand new stuff from one of the greatest British Hard Rock bands, the mighty UFO, Jorn Lande and Trond Holter and newly-signed upstarts (who you will have heard on the show a few weeks ago), Visigoth.

Remember, if you want to hear it all in one go, either find it on The Wall Rock Radio and Planet Mosh or become a subscriber by heading for www.wyrdwaysrs.com and clicking on either the banner at the top of the page or the Subscribe link on the menu bar.

Spotlight 2: UFO – Devil’s In The Detail
Whyzdom – Waking Up The Titans
Jorn Lande & Trond Holter – Save Me
Visigoth – Iron Brotherhood
Spotlight 3: UFO – The Real Deal
Biotoxic Warfare – Parasitic Life
Lord Dying – Offering Pain (and An Open Minded Center)
Mellowtoy – Destroy Yourself
Spotlight 4: UFO – King Of The Hill
Furor Gallico – Wild Jig Of Beltaine
Finsterforst – Macht Dich Frei
The Sanity Days – My Demon Mind
MyWoodenPillow – Call For War
The Almighty – Full-Force Lovin’ Machine

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