Killer Refrigerator – The Fridge and the Power it Holds


Review by Rick Ossian

Have you ever heard a band jam so hard and so fast that you could swear they were all shredding at the same time?  If you have not, but you would like to, then Killer Refrigerator is the band for you.  Of course, as is the norm, the singer shreds his vocal chords; however, upon listening to The Fridge and the Power it Holds, you will notice that everybody (Cody and Luke) is shredding!  There is some serious jamming going on here, and there are only two folks doing it!  Killer Refrigerator is a side project of sorts from UnKured’s Cody Coon and his fellow fridge-slayer Luke ‘Java’ Sackenheim.

Since their formation, Killer Refrigerator have released an LP, “When Fridges Rule This World” (2014) and this EP, to be released in April.  There is, we are told, also a 2nd LP, “Refrigeration Plague“, coming soon.  For all of the You-Tubers out there, you can also find a 20-minute documentary on the war raging between appliances and people:

On to the tunes!

Terrorvision starts life out with an instrumental frenzy, then drives straight into Riff City.  We get to experience loads of screaming and shredding, even the BASS guitarist does a quick little solo.  We will get to hear more of this later on.  Anybody who is concerned that the tunes are too short (this one clocks in at 1:24) can always search for remixes, I suppose; for now, let us revel in the beauty of the speediness!

Slaystation features one of those heavy metal creepy-cool intros that I am so fond of, then kicks in about 30 seconds into the proceedings.  There is, again, some heady jamming going on here.  Lots of screaming, kind of like the fury of punk and metal mixed, plus shredding on guitar and bass again.  The drummer is, as usual, VERY busy (just try to keep up, I dare you!).  At 1:45, there is a brief departure into techno, almost Nintendo-style.  Why? Who knows?  It is what it is.  At 2:10, the screaming and the growling appear again, and at 2:30 there is a shift.  The three-minute mark finds the bass briefly taking flight again, then we have the title screamed at us a few times.  The four-minute mark has more shred.  If you are beginning to notice a pattern here, do not despair.  It continues!

Shower Thrashing Death (what a great title!) is, as it suggests, totally thrashing, shredding mash-up of all of the instruments, and holy crap it is fast!  At the one-minute mark there is a brief suggestion of growling/rap/spoken word vocalization going on, and at 1:30 Cody hollers NO SHIT!  Then there is a quick bass lick or two, followed by the exclamation, “Oh my god we’re all gonna fuckin die!”  Yikes!

Killer Refrigerator vs. Godzilla starts life out with a brief media blurb of sorts, and is scary and funny at the same time.  The fridge folks claim they are serious – I don’t care, I just dig the tunes!  The main riff kicks in about one minute in, then all hell breaks loose on the road back to Riff City (1:25).  There is an instrumental breakdown of sorts at the two-minute mark, then a shift and a bit of growl to round things out.  At three minutes there is a fade-out.  It is remarkable that the Fridge is capable of stuffing all of these things into a three-minute tune…

Slave to the Easy Bake features a heavy metal Riff City intro, plus growly vocals and everybody shredding (again).  This is some seriously heavy, speedy stuff.  There are also some cool little brief snippets of lead from the guitar AND the bass (again), plus a guitar solo at the two-minute mark.  I thought I heard a bell (ding!) going off at one point, which makes sense, given the title.  At 2:45 there is another instrumental breakdown, and at three minutes we have another growl/scream vocal break.  The bass fades things out at the end.

Next up we have the title track, which includes a heavy drum intro, followed almost immediately by everybody shredding.  There is a growl break at :45, then at two minutes everybody slams again!.  “Freezus Christ”, Cody bellows, and at two-and-a-half minutes there is a guitar solo/everybody jam moment again, followed by another crazy jam at three minutes in.

To Hell With Cancer is the ‘bonus’ track, and contains some sweet opening riffs.  Growling vocals and everybody jamming seems to be the order of the day here again, but it is not really getting old so just enjoy it!  At one minute in Cody yells “let’s get funky!”, then the bass guitar comes to the fore again.  My favorite curse word gets uttered a couple of times, and before you know what hit you, it’s all over.  Sad but true, the screaming, jamming, slamming fest has finished.  I, for one, am looking forward to the next LP!


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