Otep Saves Seattle

Wow! I can’t believe February is already over and March is upon us. Such a crazy whirlwind of a month for me, but the one night that stands out in my mind is the night I got to work merchandise for Darklight the night they opened for Otep.

Otep show

I swear it happened just a few days ago, but the show was actually a few weeks ago, February 9, 2015 at one of Seattle’s staple music venues, Studio 7.

Now in the interests of full disclosure, my roommate Ben is the bass player for Darklight, and I got to come in early to set up the merchandise table and watch almost everyone (sadly no Otep) warm up.  The show was also All Ages, so I of course seized the opportunity to bring my two kids (both boys, ages 9 and 10) to the show and make sure they are exposed to the AWESOMENESS that is live music.

The full line-up was amazing and each and every band rocked the fuck out of their set. Unhailoed, Darklight, Terror Universal, Thira and of course  Otep all brought their own unique sounds and style to each set and was an overall great show.


Darklight went from slow and Rock steady, to hard Heavy Metal madness with vocals that draw you in deliver and you to a place of pure musical satisfaction.


Thira were new to me, but definitely caught my attention. Their Steampunk style and Pure Metal sound grabbed you by the face and forced you to pay attention. These guys are sexy in both style and sound.  They pull you into their world and transform reality.

Made me feel as if I was out of place, not also being dressed in cosplay!

I had to get the CD on my way out of course.


They were the perfect band to build final anticipation for Otep.   The crowd loved them.

As for the main event, Otep built anticipation and kept the crown waiting a few moments before coming out on stage with such force I swear it created it’s own gravitational pull, bringing everyone straight to the front row.   Otep herself grabbed everyone’s attention and brought her music to life with such force that if you were not a fan before you definitely would be after.

This is definitely a show you can’t miss if they come to your town and don’t make the same mistake I did by leaving your wallet at home. Otep probably has the coolest merchandise I have ever scene at a show and for super low cost. I regret leaving my purse at home for sure!!

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