The Black Lantern – A Light In The Black

They’ve been called Noise Rock (by themselves, as it happens!).  No greater authority than the Sludgelord himself loves them.  They have no Facebook page.  They are American noisemongers, The Black Lantern.  The Wyrd Ways Rock Show’s resident senior reviewer, Rick, had an email chat with the band…

Greetings all!  I recently interviewed the friendly folks from The Black Lantern, and here are the results!

Desert island disc? (You’re marooned, you can only choose one)

Andy: AC/DC Back In Black, to remind me of where the end of the first rock era and the beginning of the second rock era converged perfectly.

Wendy: Refused The Shape of Punk to Come

Jesse: Impossible question. But if I was forced to be marooned on an island, and those same people forced me to take only 1 CD, then I would choose Limp Bizkit’s Significant Other. Not because I like it, but because if it was on infinite repeat then it would motivate me like nothing else to get off that island.

Do female singers get groupies as often as males?

Andy: The groupies for this band are currently all dudes, staring at Wendy and our pedalboards.

Wendy: If by groupies you mean groups of guys huddled together who quickly avert their eyes in fear when I look at them, then yes, I have just as many groupies as a male lead singer would.

If you had to pick a genre/pigeonhole to cram yourselves into, what would you call it?

Andy: Noise Rock.

If you were to play in a different band, which band would it be and what would be your instrument of choice?

Andy: I would fill in for Nikki Sixx in Mötley Crüe.

Wendy: Drums for Death Grips

Jesse: I would play keyboards for Wand.

Obviously the media is not completely useless, but how could their role be sharpened, enhanced, or improved?

Andy: People actually really just want trusted sources of information, so any media outlet that can deliver trustworthy news (even if it is coupled with an entertaining laugh) is doing what needs to be done.

Jesse: Take a little bit more time in the editing stage. Media outlets should not come across as first-year college students.

Is rock music dead or alive?

Andy: Very much alive.  When you see a 14 yr old kid at Guitar Center with a Maiden shirt on, you realize that it will never die.

Jesse: rock, to me, is rebellion. The moment someone loses any tendencies toward rebellion is the moment rock dies for them.

Given the state of the rock music industry, what is the next wave of the future?

Andy: Currently, the hip kids have gone back to guitars and loud, obnoxious sound.  So, that will ride for a while into the future.

Analog or digital?

Andy: Digilog.

Jesse: Sub-atomic.

The Beatles or the Stones?

Andy: Beatles.  They changed the course of musical history.

Wendy: I appreciate The Beatles and I hate The Stones.

Jesse: The Beatles. The perfect dichotomy in rock bands that would shape all others. Every success needs the positive paul and the negative john. I’m generalizing immensely, but you get my drift.

If you could interview somebody, who would it be and what would you ask them?

Andy: I would love to interview Jimi Hendrix, and ask him about the philosophical underpinnings of his guitar solos and performances.

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