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Manga obsessed hardcore metallers Rise Of The Northstar are pleased to announce that they will be supporting Japanese avant-garde metal outfit Dir En Grey at their upcoming London show on May 23rd. This appearance will be ROTNS’s first ever show in London.

Rise Of The Northstar said of the announcement;

“This first show in the city of London is for us a very important gig, and we are thrilled to be teaming up with Osaka’s Dir En Grey for the occasion.

Since we started out, we’ve been sharing our love for Japanese culture with every song and every live show.

Being part of this bill is a strong statement about what ROTNS stands for. Let´s bring the heavy side of Neo Tokyo to London for one night!”

Driven by strong DIY ethics ROTNS have paved their way into the scene since their inception in 2009 and achieved a lot for a young band. Touring Asia and

Europe alike and having produced several of their own music videos (most of them gaining up to 1million clicks on YouTube) has made the five piece to one of the most exciting bands around. Their spirit was born in the back alleys of the 1980s Japanese Shibuya district. The heart of their music is the Japanese culture, with its mangas and Furyos. They handle their business on stage as they do every other day, wearing gakurans, the traditional Japanese school uniform.

Their debut album ‘Welcame’ (mixed and mastered by renowned producer Zeuss – MADBALL, HATEBREED, EMMURE) was released in November last year globally via Nuclear Blast Records to widespread critical acclaim.

R.O.T.N.S. really know how to bring that old thrash sound current! Their NYHC influenced style mixed in with their original mojo is something that appeals to many extreme music enthusiast worldwide! Killer band!” – Roger Miret (AGNOSTIC FRONT)

“What a sick mixture of some of the greatest influences from the 90’s, I love what they are doing!” – Billy Graziadei (BIOHAZARD)

“Hardcore will never die as long as bands like R.O.T.N.S. are carrying the torch. A crushing album!” – Mille Petrozza (KREATOR)

“This is some HEAVY stuff with a youthful, hip hop kind a flare/flavor, what can I say… they definitely demonstrate their saiya style!“ – Freddy Cricien (MADBALL)

Tickets for the show are available HERE




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