Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCV

Wyrd Ways Rock Show 305 Since the last show was recorded and released, Twisted Sister and Adrenaline Mob tubthumper AJ Pero has died. Here at The Wyrd Ways Rock Show, we would like to express our condolences to his family, bandmates and friends. This show is dedicated to him.

As usual, there’s also a Record Of The Week, as well as Suzi’s return for a “Funk As Puck” (that’s right, isn’t it?) Shock Of The New.

Head over to www.wyrdwaysrs.com for the full experience.

Twisted Sister – I Wanna Rock
Reign Of Fury – Death Be Thy Shepherd
We Are Harlot – Dancing On Nails
Covered: Stone Sour – The Dark (Metal Church)
Tysondog – Shadow Of The Beast
Band Of Spice – You Know My Name
Palace Of The King – No Chance In Hell
Spotlight 1: Twisted Sister – Bad Boys (Of Rock ‘N’ Roll)
Khaos Theory – Thorns Of Black
Elderoth – Black And Blue
Nightwish – Shudder Before The Beautiful
Record Of The Week 1: Black Star Riders – Killer Instinct
Record Of The Week 2: Black Star Riders – Through The Motions
Record Of The Week 3: Black Star Riders – You Little Liar
Melodius Deite – Territory Of Memories (Atlantis)
Enslaved – One Thousand Years Of Rain
Éohum – Revelations, Aura Of An Epoch
Spotlight 2: Twisted Sister – Come Out And Play
Thurisaz – Patterns Of Life
Secret SphereDr Faustus
Spotlight 3: Twisted Sister – You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll
Meridius – Walk The Plank
Killer Be Killed – Curb Crusher
Elfie’s Shock Of The New 1: The Jolts – I Wanna Dig (Where the X’s are)
Elfie’s Shock Of The New 2: The Seriouslys – Down Town
Elfie’s Shock Of The New 3: The Dirty Panties – Confighted
Headless Kross – Even The Destroyed Things Have Been Destroyed
Sorceror – Lake Of The Lost Souls
Spotlight 4: Adrenaline Mob – Mob Is Back
Corvus – Retribution
Kiske/Somerville – Rising Up
Last Track: Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It

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