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IMG_2347WWRS: Just to start us off, can you tell us something a little about yourself?

Indya: I am a singer/songwriter and composer based in Brighton UK. I’m 29 years old! Nearly 30!! I had a deal with Ubisoft Entertainment last year and my music is on the PS4 game Far Cry 4. The game is set in India and my music sounds very Bollywood but Rock of course! I’m on IMDB.

I first started off singing in an indie Rock band called No Ordinary Zoo. I wrote a lot of the songs and we gigged in local pubs. The band split and went there own separate ways. It was a great shame as were well-liked by all who came to watch us play.

I was also a DJ for Criminal Records playing at various venues over the UK but mainly Latest music bar in Brighton.

WWRS: According to your biog, you went to the BRIT School. What’s all that about?

Indya: I went to the BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology in Selhurst, Croydon in 2001 to 2003. I studied Music there. I was there the same time as Katie Melua and Amy Winehouse.  I was really shy at college and I was rather self contained. I worked hard though and I got distinctions in my diploma.  After the BRIT School I went into Colin’s Performing Arts College in Essex, where I studied professional performing arts. I was in the same lessons as James Buckley who plays Jay Cartwright in The Inbetweeners. College was fun!! 😉 lol

WWRS: Most of your music seems to be more in the pop vein. What made you want to shift into something a little more Rocky?

Indya: I started working on pop tracks with a producer called James Loughrey (Cheryl Cole, Atomic Kitten) and I made a brilliant track called Chemical Reaction. A lot of my pop songs were written through bad times in my past of broken relationships, struggling with a drug addiction and battling bulimia and bipolar.  I had an awful 4 years dealing with these things.  The songs were beginning to portray a darker side,so didn’t quite suit the pop genre.  It just wasn’t working for me so I decided to take a different avenue ….. I wanted to collaborate the heartache and pain with rock n roll!  Everybody has said rock suits me better!  I collaborated with the Mitch Winehouse band on a Jazz number 3 years back . I was called by his manager Trenton and asked to sing a song off Mitch’s album. I chose a Billie Holiday cover and I was meant to sing at the Hippodrome with Mitch for the Amy Winehouse Foundation charity gig but it got cancelled. I love jazz and I wanted so badly to go down that route too….but rock is definitely best for me! Hopefully I will be singing for the charity soonish.

Here’s the track in question:

WWRS: Any plans to move further down the path to show what your voice can really do?

Indya: I have major goals now. I’m currently working with producer Dan Baune on my new album Diamonds and Skulls. It has a Led Zeppelin influence. I’m writing as we speak. I hope to have radio plays on Planet Rock, the Radio 1 Rock Show and Kerrang! I will have music videos for all of my tracks that will of course ooze sex appeal and be extremely raunchy, quite like the music! My music is a bit bluesy , sexy , dirty guitars, and pure rock n roll!! Once the CDs have been made I will then go out gigging and sell the CDs and t shirts at the gigs. I hope to tour Germany and Holland as well as the UK. Dan Baune is going to play bass for me and Peter Elliss from Monument will be my guitarist along with Toby on drums. Can’t wait!!

WWRS: You’ve been working with one of the members of a favourite band here at WWRS, Monument. How did that come about?

Indya: Dan Baune my producer is a guitarist in Monument.  I was referred by their singer, Peter Ellis, after he did some guitar work with me on a piece of music.  We made links and kept in touch and it’s just stemmed from there. Dan is brilliant and a massive help! They are both such lovely guys and a pleasure to work with.

WWRS: When can we expect the fruits of these labours?

Indya: I have an EP coming out mid June. This will go onto ITunes for you all to download! So keep watch!! This will be the best of me that no one has ever heard before!!

WWRS: What or who was it that made you start taking music seriously?

Indya: I’ve worked with Eddie And The Hotrods in the past. Backing vocals.  These guys are a big influence on me. And after being astounded by their amazing performance supporting Status Quo at the Brighton Centre a few years back it heavily influenced me to step up my mark! I’m good friends with Dipster Dean their bass player and he was the one that gave me the idea of having my band name as Indya.

WWRS: OK. Potentially embarrassing question that may well ruin your musical credibility: What was the first album you ever bought with your own money?

Indya: My first ever album I brought with my money was 911!! Lmfao haha I was like 8!!

WWRS: What have you got coming up in the rest of this year?

Indya: I’m going to knuckle down on getting my album finished, released and to get out gigging and touring!! Im excited and am looking forward in succeeding 🙂 I also want to collaborate with other artists. I have a track on my new album which features monument! They are awesome 🙂

WWRS: Finally, some shameless plugging!

Indya: My Twitter account to follow me is @Indya_UKMusic

I’m also on Facebook! Just look up INDYA!

A cover of a Belinda Carlisle track of mine:

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