Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCIX

Wyrd Ways Rock Show 309

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show is back to give you a new blast of… erm…new stuff! That includes music from Vamps, Kataklysm and Helloween to name but three. Since I mentioned “three”, there’s also three more bands you’ve probably never heard before in Shock Of The New (Suzi will be back next week). This week’s Record Of The Week features a rather excellent band from Wales. Want to know which one it is? Listen to the show.

Here’s the DOWNLOAD LINK.  To use it, right-click and select “Save Link…”

Ghost – Ciricie
Pop Evil – Footsteps
Vamps – Evil
Covered: Mandowar – Holy Diver (Dio)
Ranger – Phantom Soldier
Suicide Watch – The Devil Rides Out
Kataklysm – Thy Serpent’s Tongue
Spotlight 1: 3 Inches Of Blood – Deadly Sinners
The Antichrist Imperium – Desecrated Remains
Skinless – Serpenticide
Graveworm – Liars To The Lions
Record Of The Week 1: Triaxis – Liberty
Record Of The Week 2: Triaxis – Terraform
Record Of The Week 3: Triaxis – Zero Hour
All Tomorrows – Sol Agnates (got a very good review from Mabh, which you can read HERE)
Abnormal Thought Patterns – Nocturnal Haven
Aversion’s Crown – Parasite
Spotlight 2: 3 Inches Of Blood – Battles And Brotherhood
Armored Saint – An Exercise In Debauchery
Helloween – Living On The Edge
Spotlight 3: 3 Inches Of Blood – My Sword Will Not Sleep
Perfect Crimes – Black Cloud
Mammoth Mammoth – Electric Sunshine
Beauvoir Free – Whiplash
Carl’s Shock Of The New 1: Anti-Clone – Take This Pill
Carl’s Shock Of The New 2: O.D.I.O – Coward’s Frontline
Carl’s Shock Of The New 3: Dzyen – As One
Kvelertak – Mjod
Anthrax – Fight ‘Em Until You Can’t
Slayer – Implode
Last Track: Sabaton – Primo Victoria

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