Elfie Goes To Bloodstock – Day 2

After a disastrous night’s sleep in Midgard (note to self: next year, camp in Hel!), Friday kicked off with some gloriously depraved Death Metal from Bristol-based Mortishead.  Given that it was stupid o’clock in the morning, they managed to whip up a fairly respectable circle pit.  Although it only really kicked off properly when the bassist got fed up with the lacklustre crowd response and jumped off the stage to create a pit himself!

From that point on, the New Blood Stage tent was very messy indeed!

After that rousing wake-up, I headed off to the Sophie Lancaster Stage to watch Silas.

Silas are an excellent Metalcore band and once again I find myself wondering where the industry bigwigs have been looking for all these great new bands they claim don’t exist.  Clearly they haven’t tried looking at Bloodstock.  Anyway, Silas threw out an energetic and fast-paced set and are definitely remaining on my “bands to keep an eye on” list.

Following Silas, I took advantage of the rather nicely laid out market area and went and picked up three patches for my battle jacket, including a very nice vintage Motörhead  one and… joy of joys… a long sleeve Korpiklaani shirt actually in my size!!

Death Metal legends, Belphegor... a bit dull?
Death Metal legends, Belphegor… a bit dull?                                   Credit: Sabrina Ramdoyal

Anyway… I’d heard good things about Belphegor, but after five minutes of their set, I was just bored, so I headed back over to the New Blood Stage to watch the mighty Mutagenocide rip BOA a new one.  The band turned up in my Top 10 albums of 2014, so watching them play to a respectably-sized crowd at the same time as Belphegor was fantastic.

They did a damned fine job of it, too.

Over on the Ronnie James Dio Main Stage, Overkill were next up for me, and were a pleasant surprise.  On a bill where the day’s highlight was Sabaton, they had fantastic crowd interaction which, mixed with some good tracks, means that Overkill have been added to my (very long!) list of bands I need to listen to more.

Overkill – The Gaffer’s little boy, David, loved them!                     Credit: Sabrina Ramdoyal


Once Overkill were done, it was time for the main event as far as I was concerned: Sabaton.

The Swedes jumped straight onto my favourite bands list back in 2014 when I accidentally saw them while trying to see Týr.  As promised, Joakim and the lads had brought a tank(!!) with them, and from the opening bars of their intro tape, fellow Swedes, Europe‘s, The Final Countdown, to the confetti cannons firing blue and yellow confetti (to a chant of “I-ke-a!  I-ke-a!”, much to Joakim’s amusement) finale, Sabaton gave a headlining performance.  They were funny, they worked the crowd and every note was on point.

Ikea! Erm... Sabaton!
Ikea! Erm… Sabaton!                                                                                   Credit: Sabrina Ramdoyal

Sadly, they were followed by Trivium, who put on a show completely unworthy of a mainstage headline slot.  Now, before you class me as a “hater”, I LIKE Trivium a lot.  The last time I saw them at the Manchester Academy with Killswitch Engage, I loved them (here’s the evidence!), but after three songs, I was so bored, I wandered off and went to bed in a vain attempt to get a decent night’s sleep in before Saturday…

Trivium... oh dear. But then again, apparently Suzi did leave before they got their technical problems sorted out - Ed.
Trivium… oh dear. But then again, apparently Suzi did leave before they got their technical problems sorted out – The Gaffer.                                        Credit: Sabrina Ramdoyal

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