Resin – Persecution Complex



Review by: Cat A

It’s been a while since I wrote a review, so when I put a call out on social media for a review suggestion I got my hands on Resin’s upcoming EP Persecution Complex.

You may have heard of Resin from the 2014 Metal 2 the Masses competition to play that year’s Bloodstock, and for very good reason as they won the thing and treated the New Blood Stage to a fantastic show, then went and totally owned the Jagermeister stage with an acoustic set. With tea and biscuits. There was a single release, there were some gigs, and then there was an awful announcement that the band was to be no more, even following all the success of the year.

But you’re writing about a new EP!” I hear you cry, and yes indeed I am. The vacancies were filled and a new look Resin were announced in February. More gigs, festivals and then the eagerly-awaited new music from the revamped band followed.

Okay, okay I’ll talk about the music now.  Persecution Complex opens with an irritatingly catchy riff (ie it’s got stuck in my head) as the introduction to Open Heart Trauma. It’s bluesy, it’s grungy, it’s one you can actually dance to. There is something about this track that gives me goosebumps with harmonies that get right to the heart (no pun intended). In fact I have just put it on again. For the fourth time in a row. You can have a listen to a bit of it yourself in the teaser below.

Following that is something of a darker feel . Printing Money sounds to me like something that should be played over a melancholic movie montage, when everything has gone awry for the protagonist and they’re sat in a bar wallowing.  Angel, the final track of Persecution Complex, is powerful. If you want a description, it’s like the best of 90s grunge. Again there are shivers and goosebumps as the lyrics “what have you turned me into?” are sung out in a gravelly tone that takes me right back to my college years. There’s a dark beauty to the song that can stir up emotion, so maybe it’s not one to listen to before a night out, but it sure as hell is one that I want to hear live.

Should you buy this EP? Well I would. Then I would make sure I’m at the front for one of their gigs, and then I’d go and buy a shirt or two. Music doesn’t have to be melt-your-face brutal to totally rock, and Resin in their latest incarnation are stepping up to the plate to show the rock and metal world that great things can come from what seems to be a dreadful situation. It’s difficult to believe that in the space of 6 months a lineup can come together and create an EP with as much power as Persecution Complex. Well played Resin, keep it up.


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