Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXV

The playlist is up for WWRS 315.  That must mean 316 is nearly ready to be released…

As promised, we’re neck-deep in Bloodstock in this edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show.  Carl and Suzi report live(-ish) from outside The Mötley Brew at Catton Hall on the Saturday afternoon of the festival.  We also chucked in an archive interview from Hang The Bastard and a brand new interview from Sabaton’s new drummer, Chris.  Add to that Dr Jim’s summing up of this year’s Brutal Assault, and you’ve got a show to listen to!

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If you are in a band and want your music on The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Presents: Shock Of The New compilation (which will be free to download), email either myself or Suzi with the relevant details.

So without further ado, here’s the playlist.  If any of the songs take your fancy, click on the links next to them to purchase them from either iTunes or Amazon Digital (the Amazon link will take you to the MP3 version of the album).

Rob Zombie – Superbeast (Amazon Digital) (iTunes)
Sabaton – Gott Mit Uns (Amazon Digital) (iTunes)
Reign Of Fury – Death Be Thy Shepherd (Amazon Digital) (iTunes)
Silas – Art Of The Cure (Amazon Digital) (iTunes)
Ne Obliviscaris – Tapestry Of The Starless Abstract (Amazon Digital) (iTunes)
Interview: Hang The Bastard, Sonisphere 2014
Hang The Bastard – Mist Of Albion (Amazon Digital) (iTunes)
Sabaton – Primo Victoria (Amazon Digital) (iTunes)
Interview: Sabaton, Bloodstock 2015
Savage Messiah – Hellblazer (Amazon Digital) (iTunes)
Perturbator – Humans Are Such Easy Prey (Amazon Digital) (iTunes)
Enslaved – Ethica Odini (Amazon Digital) (iTunes)
Agalloch – Hallways Of Enchanted Ebony (Amazon Digital) (iTunes)
Primordial – No Grave Deep Enough (Amazon Digital) (iTunes)
Ne Obliviscaris – And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope (Amazon Digital) (iTunes)
Korpiklaani – Iron Fist (iTunes)

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