Inverted Serenity – Breath of Life

L-R: Tomas Ingham (Vocals, Bass), Drew Peacock (Guitars, Backing vocals), Marc-André Simard (Guitars, Backing vocals), Benjamin Deveau (Drums, Backing vocals) – Photo Credit: Brandon Bollen

Pegged as ‘groovy death metal‘ by their promoters, these guys from Winnipeg have released a new trackBreath of Life, via both SoundCloud and Band Camp.

The band comments about the track:

“This track is the longest on the record and is definitely one of the most impressive songs structurally. Beginning with a doom inspired riff that picks itself up into an uplifting proggy type groove which then unexpectedly turns itself into an atmospheric black metal passage is just one of the many interesting changes the song paints itself into.

“This is also the first track that we as a band chose to include clean group vocals with pan out really smoothly with the dissonant acoustic guitar riff written by Tomas a few years prior. The theme discussed in the lyrics is based upon balancing of mind as it increasingly unfolds itself unto the realization that it is the observer of all that is. Through the process knowing the rhythmic balanced interchange of natures polarity (inhalation/exhalation), the endless unfolding is fully expressed.”

The album, Integral, is due out on the 9th of October, and follows the much more complexly named debut, Manifestation of Eternity In A World of Time.


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