Elfie Goes To Bloodstock Day 3

Ah Bloodstock, you are a world away now given the grim winds of Winter are nipping at my heels and so on.


Day 3 of Bloodstock.  Also known as Saturday.  Or Day with No Headliners Who I find Exciting Argh What Shall I Do Day.  Saturday at BoA ’15 was an absolute scorcher and in the morning, after fortifying myself with a cup of de-caff tea and a bacon butty I ventured forth to listen to ye music.

Wandering through the New Blood Stage I was able to listen to Amethyst who kicked the morning off with a nice bit of Thrash, in a surprisingly crowded tent.  So after happily bopping along for their set I did a bit more of a wander around.

Saturday wasn’t my ‘listening to bands day‘ if I’m honest.  Even a festival the size of Bloodstock isn’t going to manage to cater to everyone’s tastes on all four days, so that’s where the market and meeting people come into their own.  The only Saturday band I was mad on seeing were the mighty Korpiklaani, and for the most part I was tired and in a whole ton of pain, so my plan was ‘Do lots of sitting‘ and so that’s what I did.

I did however, manage to see some of the bands – I thoroughly enjoyed 1349, who were new to me and have happily listened to them since BoA and then of course it was time for Korpiklaani who were one of the reasons I’d got a ticket in the first damn place.

Folkin’ ‘ell! It’s Korpiklaani!                                                           Photo credit: Sabrina Ramdoyal

Now happily for me that morning whilst wandering around I’d bumped into Korpiklaani and the lovely Jonne and Kalle who were more than happy to pose for a photo.  Which was nice of them (and I didn’t scream, not even when they put their arms round me.  So chill…)

Anyway, the Korpiklaani set was an absolute belter and with a large crowd of Polka-ing fans I found myself wondering again why the Folk Metal this year got relegated to afternoon sets?  It’s pretty much my only complaint about BoA but, I get that the team can’t keep everyone happy.  Anyway, Korpiklaani were as amazing as they could be with a short set in the hottest part of the day and I was a happy little camper.

After all the excitement myself and the lovely Sarah of Colli Decoris: Here be Dragons fame repaired to The Motley Brew to drink our 800th cup of tea of the weekend and sit in some shade.  We may also have engaged in some crochet.

I did also go and see one of my favourite bands – the mighty Morass of Molasses who were busy showing the Jaeger Stage exactly how one does stoner grunge and precisely why one should do it.  Anyway after a set that was entirely too short, I managed a quick chat with the lovely Bones (so did I!  Expect to hear the interview in a future Wyrd Ways Rock Show – T’Gaffer), and Elliot of Desert Storm who was attending in support and then retired to my tent with every intention of getting an early night.

Luckily for me, one of the gang I was camped with decided that early nights were not to be so we tromped on back to the arena in time to see Within Temptation.  Now WT are not my cup of tea.  I like Symphonic Metal rather a lot but they’re just so *pop* and I can’t be doing with it.  There isn’t enough darkness there.  It’s Symphonic Metal for Taylor Swift fans.

SLR_8698_Within Temptation
Within Temptation – surprisingly good!                                   Photo credit: Sabrina Ramdoyal

HOWEVER, that being said I’ll credit where credit is due and give full props to Sharon Den Adel and co for being able to put on an astonishingly good show and (unlike Trivium) keep the crowd engaged despite technical problems.  They’ve got showmanship in spades, and as the many, many screaming people around me demonstrated a very solid fanbase, and a long history with Bloodstock.  Not my cup of tea at all, but a good Saturday night headliner, who were entertaining and did a fine job.

With all that done I shuffled off to bed to try and sleep some more…..

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