Promoter Assaults Band On Stage – Updated

SoapGirls attacked onstage
SoapGirls in the immediate aftermath of the attack by Paul Tublord, promoter at The Union Bar in Hastings

UPDATE: In the aftermath of the controversy surrounding the treatment of The SoapGirls at The Union Bar in Hastings, the promoter himself issued the following statement:

The SoapGirls are the worst band I have ever dealt with, I’ve dealt with thousands of bands over some years and can safely say that is the first time I have ever got angry. But to turn up and be as rude as they were, to be so demanding and somehow think not having a CD player makes me ‘shit’ at my job, calling me old fashioned because I have an aux cable instead of a CD player!!?? Who the hell carries around CD’s with them now days!!?? The only reason they wanted a CD player is so they could play there own album before they play the same songs live, that’s a stupid idea in the first place, who does that? Then to have the nerve to blame me for the fact that the licence for music ends at 10.30pm and that the reason I want them to finish is because ‘I don’t like the band’ is so un-professional. It’s a legal requirement to finish on time, Every manager and band should know that most venues have a cut off time.

To top it off they turned up late to soundcheck and demanded things 30 minutes after they should have started.

The manager was a horrible nasty woman, also the mother of the duo (Which explains a lot) who I hope to never meet again. Her words before the show were ‘This will be the best thing you have seen in your life’. I can safely say it was a terrible set, the band have no self respect and are very mediocre musicians. To call themselves Punk puts a bad name on punk. They are Sellouts, probably the biggest sellouts I’ve ever seen. All they do is pray for middle age men to stare at them and think they are good. Go and f**king dance if you want that. Let the proper musicians play the music. They can f**k right off.


So… does this alleged poor, demanding behaviour from the band excuse the attack with fake blood?  That’s one for the readers to decide.  All we at The Wyrd Ways Rock Show can do is report what we hear or see.

ORIGINAL STORY: South African band, The Soap Girls were subjected to an unprofessional, unprovoked attack by the promoter at The Union Bar in Hastings.  The pre-meditated attack consisted of throwing a red liquid over the band while they were on stage during their set.

The promoter, Paul Tublord, justified this assault by claiming that this was a “punk gig”.

Of course the band and their team were upset by this,  but shockingly, the venue and it’s supporters are trying to actually justify their behaviour, which is not only an awful way to treat a band, but with electrical equipment on the stage a severe hazard.

According to Rage Sadler of touring British Metal band Kaine, who broke the news:

“I am not one who usually champions promoters and venues being shut down but I would really like to see this venue lose their music license and they should be reported to the proper authorities immediately.  This is an absolutely disgraceful way to treat bands and they have no right to continue or get away with such an act”.

The band, who completed their set even after the assault, posted this statement on their Facebook page.

Tublord’s response to the video was “Work it”.

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