Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXI

It’s taken a bit longer than expected, but here’s this week’s edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show. Alongside new songs from Saxon, Anthrax, Scorpion Child, Gama Bomb and Tremonti, there’s an interview with Nige Rockett, recorded at Bloodstock. This week’s Record Of The Week is Queensryche’s new one. Obviously that’s not everything, so to find out about the rest, you’ll have to listen.

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Saxon – Battering Ram
Anthrax – Evil Twin
Saint Diablo – Devil Horns and Halos
Covered: Devil You Know – Eye Of The Tiger
Papa Roach – Face Everything And Rise
Five Finger Death Punch – Ain’t My Last Dance
Spotlight 1: Motörhead – Ace Of Spades
Aiden – Violence and Devotion
Bad Pollyanna – Bionic Heart
Record Of The Week 1: Queensrÿche – Arrow Of Time
Record Of The Week 2: Queensrÿche – Hourglass
Record Of The Week 3: Queensrÿche – Condition Human
Crobot – Chupacabra
Scorpion Child – She Sings, I Kill
Spotlight 2: Motörhead – The One To Sing The Blues
Onslaught Interview (Bloodstock)
Onslaught – 66Fuckin’6
Tremonti – Sympathy
Mirror – Mirror
Octanic – Aeturnus Imperium
Gama Bomb – Tuck Your T-Shirt In
Spotlight 3: Motörhead – Overkill

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