Banshee – Say My Name EP

Banshee Say My NameSelf Release

Review by Mabh Savage

amazon_badgeI’m a touch concerned at first. The electronic vibe coupled with dulcet, filter roughened vocals reminds me of Florence and the Machine; not necessarily a bad thing, but not the rock I was expecting. Then suddenly, part way through Intro (Nightmare), those mellow tones take on a cruel and marvellous cutting edge whilst the melody takes a background seat to a driving beat.

The next track and the EP title, Say My Name, is a real floor filler in the making. I could imagine hearing this track both on Team Rock Radio and Radio 1, albeit late at night.  Watch this space for a forthcoming video for this track, directed by Andy Mills. Say My Name has a proper catchy chorus that you can sing or growl – either works!  Secret follows this with some deliciously crunchy guitars and a bittersweet vocal line with a kick.


The next track, One Step Behind, is somehow reminiscent of both Evanescence and Linkin Park; a bit emo, gorgeous vocals, but a little soulless; a touch over produced and lacking any real oomph. This is more than made up for by Eagles, a complete powerhouse of a record, where Erin really shows her vocal range and talent. The dynamics in this track really work, silent moments interspersed with droid sounds, giving way to a wall of full on rock at a moment’s notice. Definitely my favourite track.

The band is only five years old, and were previously named Life on Standby. The new name is definitely an improvement, although not to be confused with Power Metal band Banshee from the ’80s. The band have had a boost via the Red Bull UK New Artist competition in 2014 which put them in touch with the likes of Romesh Dodangoda who went on to co-produce the EP. (Source) Hailing from Greenock in Scotland, they’ve dominated the local scene, cracked Download and now clearly hope this EP will take them to the next level.

I think they could be on to something.

Rating: 8/10

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