Doro – Love’s Gone to Hell EP

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Review by Rick Ossian

amazon_badgeThis is not particularly a set for fair-weather fans of everybody’s favorite Teutonic blonde bombshell.  This is more for completists, though I won’t say only for them.  Though the title track features three times in this batch of recordings, it is the other tracks that really shine.  Don’t get me wrong – the title track is magnificent – a worthy single.  I just like the other tracks better.  We should probably set the personnel straight first.  Ms. Pesch, of course, is the main vocalist.  We also have Johnny Dee (Britny Fox, Waysted) on drums, Luca Princiotta (Blaze, The Clairvoyants) on guitars and keyboards, Nick Douglas (Blaze Bayley) on bass, Bas Mass (After Forever, Karma) on guitars, and Harrison Young on keyboards.  Looks like some heavy-hitting talent, and you can hear it whilst listening if you have a pair of fairly discerning ears.

As I mentioned, the title track is a killer.  It features a beautiful piano, and the keys and the drums seem to do most of the driving when Doro is not.  There is a majestic main rhythm riff throughout as well.  Also as brought to light above, there are three different versions of the title number.  We have a radio version, a single version and an original demo.  Other than the successive versions being longer than one another (the demo is the longest), there aren’t really any big changes here.


What really stands out is Track #3, It Still Hurts.  This is a beautifully rendered ballad with none other than Lemmy singing right along.  The duo stands out because of the bluesy, haunting nature of the tune.  This spine-chiller brought up many wonderful memories of Lemmy, whom I chanced to see a couple of times along the rock and roll road.  His singing on this track is nothing short of superb.  He sounds as if he’s wrenching the vocal delivery from clear down to his soul.  I know, it sounds corny, but just listen and tell me it isn’t so!  A tasty guitar solo (3:15) is the added piece de resistance to this, as well as a tastefully done fadeout at the close.

Tracks 4 and 5 are live numbers, and are both very good live tracks.  Rock Till Death is up first, and it is a powerful, energetic live performance.  A veritable tour-de-force with ritualistic murdering of the double-bass drums, plus a lead guitar bit at the 2:20. mark.  Save My Soul is another riffy number with a guitar solo at 2:10.  If you are a big Doro fan, as I said, then this should be added to your collection to complete it.  If nothing else, at the very least check out the duet with Lemmy!

Verdict: 7/10

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