Vinyl Hero – Seven Days on a Train EP


Review by Rick Ossian

I have got to say I am clearly impressed with this established outfit from Montreal, Quebec.  This quartet got things rolling in 2006, and their personnel is listed as Ray Howard (lead vocals/lead guitar), Costa Siarlis (bass/vocals), Rami Barbir (guitar/vocals) and Tib (drums).  Their EP makes me want to do some more research to see if there are indeed other releases from these chaps.  It is all wickedly Bluesy Heavy Rock with plenty of heavy riffing and a very convincing urgency to the vocals, particularly in the lead-off track,  Keith Richards (also the single).  It is a shame that you probably wouldn’t normally hear this sort of stuff on FM rock radio, because it would fit perfectly on there.


Green Ambitions features more of the same, but at this point I’m on board so I don’t care.  These tunes are right up my hometown alley, so I’m definitely going to keep eyes/ears open for the (hopefully) ensuing LP from these boys.  It is Heavy, Bluesy Rock, sort of like a punchy chugging machine.  At 2:40 there is a tasty guitar break.  By the by, all five of these tunes are between the 3-and 4-minute marks time wise, so again it would be nothing but a thing, as they say, to give these blokes a bit of airplay!

Playing God is almost a bit punky here and there, and even comparable to some Noise Rock that I’ve heard.  Don’t be put off if that isn’t your bag – the only reason that I even mention it is because it goes hand-in-hand with the onslaught of riffing and hammering going on!  There is in-your-face guitar from the onset and plenty of heavy riffs for all you headbangers.

Count My Blessings begins things promptly with a good lead guitar bit right out of the chute.  There is heavy riffing again, mixed with a sort of Blues swagger, if you will.  I noticed that my knees were bobbing and that my toes were tapping at this point, and those are always good signs!  This track is basically just one good long guitar jam.  My only complaint would be that it isn’t long enough!  The vocals, again, display an urgency that is difficult to ignore.

Real TV is our closer for the day, and features leads right out of the box, along with heavy-as-fuck riffing straight from our capital, Riff City!  There is a Bluesy shift about 45 seconds in, but other than that it is pretty much melt your face off heaviness.  Forgive me for the comparison, but imagine a Nickelback or a Crossfade, only a bit more amped up, and rougher around the edges, and MUCH heavier.  Then you would be getting close to understanding what these cats sound like.  Don’t just sit there, go out and find some Vinyl Hero pronto!

Verdict: 9/10

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