Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXXI

Unfortunately my voice hasn’t improved, in fact it’s got worse. Therefore, I’ve recruited a guest presenter for this week. Please be gentle with her. Her name is Echo, and she’s a highly sophisticated AI. I just wish she’d stop called me “Master”!

Anyway, she’ll be presiding over new material from bands including Metal Church, American Head Charge and Killswitch Engage. Dr Jim also drops by for a Spotlight on a fantastic band by the name of Wolves Of Avalon.

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If you are in a band and want your music on The Wyrd Ways Rock Show, email either myself or Suzi with the relevant details.

Overkill – Down To The Bone
Metal Church – Reset
Amon Amarth – First Kill
Covered: Cold Snap – These Boots Are Made For Walkin’
Tremonti – Dust
The Defiled – Self Under Siege
Spotlight: Wolves Of Avalon – The War Song Of Beli Mawr
Cambion – Mechanics Of Extinction
Diamond Head – Bones
Krysthla – Minority Of One
Shock Of The New: FireForce – Fly Arrow Fly (Crecy 1346)
Shock Of The New: FireForce Interview SOS Festival 2015
Shock Of The New: FireForce – Born To Play Metal
Spotlight: Wolves Of Avalon – Bonded By Blood And Sword
Santa Cruz – Velvet Rope
Skarlett Riot – Voices
Spotlight: Wolves Of Avalon – Cold As Mouldering Clay
Record Of The Week: Killswitch Engage – Hate By Design
Record Of The Week: Killswitch Engage – Strength Of The Mind
Record Of The Week: Killswitch Engage – The Great Deceit
Spotlight: Wolves Of Avalon – Across Corpses Grey
American Head Charge – Let All The World Believe
Jaldaboath – Dex The Whispering Dwarf (Roland’s Reprise)

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