Nothing Lies Beyond

When you think of The Middle East, Metal isn’t exactly the first thing that springs to mind.  But if you where to think about Metal, one band that probably springs to mind is probably Orphaned Land, or possibly Shock Of The New Alumni from the early days, Bilocate or Nervecell?   Well there’s more than just them, and the scene is growing.

Introducing the latest edition to a fledgling Metal scene… Nothing Lies Beyond.  They’ve been around for a couple of years now, slowly building a name for themselves in the back alleys and clubs of Tel-Aviv, graduating in performances alongside their peers such as Children Of Bodom and Dark Tranquility.

The band have been holed up in AG studio recently and have come up with an album entitled Fragile Reality.

Here’s the single:

…and this is what the cover looks like:

Nothing Lies Beyond

Drummer Ariel Lior comments:

“This album means a big achievement in the band’s history. From the early beginning, as the co-founder of the band, we always believed in the potential of the music that we made. The album is really a turning point, from being a small local band in the rehearsal studio… to what we are today.

It took a lot of hard work but we can finally say that the album is perfect and represents our music in the best way that’s possible and we want to say thank you to all the people that helped us during this time and especially during the recording sessions. In the end, we are really happy with the final result and this album is just a small step to our final goal.”

The album in question, Fragile Reality, is due for release on 22nd July.

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