Scots, rise up against this great rock’n’roll swindle


The guys behind the Rock Radio Glasgow bid are very serious, they have put up the £25,000 (non refundable!) required to make the bid itself and will finance and launch the station with close to £1 million of investment. What’s in it for them? It’s a simple plan, everyone involved has a vested interest in the Scottish music scene. To have a radio station supporting those interests will help the scene thrive – the objective is a virtuous circle.

This is far from a pipe dream, we have come a long way in a matter of months and we believe with your support – we can go all the way. This is where you play one of the most important parts in the bid process.

Ofcom welcomes the views of the public about the local needs of listeners in this area and the type of service required. That means Ofcom are willing to listen to public opinion on who should receive the license to broadcast on 96.3FM across the West of Scotland.

Thoughts and opinions on these issues can either be emailed to or posted to:

Paul Boon
Senior Radio Executive
Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 9HA.

Please mark the envelope ‘West central Scotland area licence’.

Please write emails, letters and send carrier pigeons to Ofcom to let them know that you want Rock Radio back!

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