Denner/Shermann release video for new track

The band formed by former King Diamond axe-slingers, Denner/Shermann have released a new video for the track Son Of Satan, which is taken from their upcoming album, Masters Of Evil, out June 24th via Metal Blade Records (expect to hear it on this week’s Wyrd Ways Rock Show, which should be due out over the weekend).

The video was filmed, directed and edited by Owe Lingvall, animated by Konstantin Smirnov, and shot at Studio 1646 in Umea, Sweden.  Based loosely on the classic horror movie The Omen, the song and video deliver an ominous dose of heavy metal music and imagery.

We chose this song to be the first video because musically, it is a song that really captures the entire essence of what this band is becoming,” commented Michael Denner. “The lyrics are also very vivid, and it fills your imagination with dark, sinister images and visions that Swedish director Owe captured perfectly”.

“Shooting this video was a great time, and I felt that all of us being together there, bonding as a band during the filming process, was important and something I will always remember,” added vocalist, Sean Peck.

Stay tuned for more news – and tour dates! – coming soon!

Masters of Evil track-listing:
1. Angel’s Blood
2. Son of Satan
3. The Wolf Feeds at Night
4. Pentagram and the Cross
5. Masters of Evil
6. Servants of Dagon
7. Escape from Hell
8. The Baroness

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