Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXXVII

You know what they say about “The best laid plans…”, yes?  Well, the plan for this week’s show was to have it finished, uploaded and published on Friday night before the SOS Festival kicked off.  That plan was then modified so I would get it out on Saturday morning before I set off.

Then real life and tiredness intervened (twice!), so you’re getting the “sort of preview” AFTER the event.

Yes, it is still worth listening to!

Bloody cheek… I’ve a good mind to…

Now, before you take your bat and ball home and start telling everyone how upset you are, it’s not THAT bad.  You can read the review of the bands who played on the Saturday at the SOS Festival on The Wyrd Ways Rock Show website by clicking the link. In fact, I would heartily recommend reading the review whilst listening to this show.  Unfortunately lack of ear protection and fatigue meant that reviewing Sunday’s line-up was somewhat problematic, which was a shame.

Do your neighbours a favour. Turn it all the way up. This one’s one in the eye (or should that be “ear”?) for anyone who says “Metal is dead”.  Then you can drag them to next year’s SOS Festival to really rub their faces in it.

Anyone for a playlist?  It shows a handful of the bands who were on the bill for the 2016 edition of The SOS Festival…

Pythia – Sword Of Destiny
Babylon Fire – Blood In Blood Out
Absolva – Harsh Reality

Soma Dark – Forsaken and Falling
Crowsaw – Voodoo Temptation
Aonia – City Of Shadows
Dakesis – The Seventh Sky
Lord Volture – Will To Power
Attica Rage – 88mph

Chris Appleton – No Tomorrow
Gemma Fox – The Fallen
Asylum City Zoo – Bait The Hook

Promethium – Revolver
Gang – Dying World
Bigfoot – Bitch Killer
The Idol Dead – Slave
Massive Wagons – Blood Rain
Knock Out Kaine – 16 Grams of Heart Attack

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