First teaser trailer for Star Trek: Discovery revealed

You’ve just watched the teaser trailer for the new Star Trek series, which will be shown by Netflix here in the UK, a day after it is released in the US on a CBS on demand channel, as revealed at Comic-Con in San Diego.

The series, being run by Brian Fuller, who also revealed the show will be set in the “Prime” universe, rather than the films, which are set in the “Kelvin” universe.  What hasn’t been revealed is when in the Star Trek timeline it is set.

The design of the ship is based on an unused sketch for Star Trek: Phase II by Ralph McQuarrie (most famous for his Star Wars ship designs), which possibly suggests it is set after TOS, but before Star Trek: The (Slow) Motion Picture and its sequels.  But that’s just me guessing.  What I find most interesting are the obvious Klingon design echoes and the very Klingon-esque music.

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