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WWRS Needs You

When I started The Wyrd Ways Rock Show back in 2008, my intention was to bring you, the audience, the best up-and-coming talent in Hard Rock and Metal as well as chucking in some classic stuff.

Thing is, the podcast then grew a website.  and I ended up getting some friends and a few others to help out.  Some of those that were classed as “others” became friends (hello, Rick!).

Getting down to brass tacks, this whole thing has got too big for myself and a small handful of regulars to handle on our own.  This is why The Wyrd Ways Rock Show needs YOU.

If you can write detailed reviews of albums or gigs or opinion pieces relevant to Metal and Metal culture, we need you.

If you can take photos at gigs, festivals and events, we need you.

If you can meet and interview some of your favourite musicians, we need you.

If you are in an up-and-coming band, we need you.

If you are in an established band, we need you.

If you run or work for a record label or PR agency, we need you.

If you love Hard Rock and Metal, we need you.

What will you get for your trouble?  New music arriving in your inbox before anyone in the general public gets to hear it.  The chance to meet and speak to some of your favourite musicians.  The chance to discover a future festival headliner.  Free entry to gigs and festivals (in exchange for reviews and/or interviews).  You’ll also get your work published.

Unfortunately, this position is voluntary and unpaid, but it does need to be taken seriously.  The Wyrd Ways Rock Show website has a reputation for quality, which we are very keen to maintain.

What we need from writers is at least one piece per month of sufficient quality for publication, adhering to the style guides provided.  You will retain all copyright on anything you publish on the site.  That goes for writing, photographs or anything else.

Easy, eh?

If you’re interested, contact me by clicking here, with a subject of “Wyrd Ways Rock Show gizza job!


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